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today is the tomorrow
we worried about yesterday.

today is the tomorrow
we worried about yesterday

today is the tomorrow
we worried about yesterday


our approach…

who do we help?

We advise employees and employers and believe that our experience on both sides of the fence gives us the edge in negotiations and finding solutions. We appreciate the risks and rewards for both sides.

We work with employers to put in place appropriate practices, policies and training to help manage, or even avoid, difficult circumstances.

If you have a health or disability-related issue in the workplace we provide more than just legal advice. We will help you take appropriate (legal) action, but will also guide you through how to manage the issues and handle everyone involved.

how do we do it?

Whatever your issue we will fix it with a minimum of fuss and bother. We will give you a realistic assessment of your prospects and do not take on cases we cannot resolve.

Integrity, honesty and exceptional customer service are important to us. We will advise you if you are pursuing a cause where there is no prospect of success.

We give practical, unstuffy advice you can understand. And we will try to steer you clear of formal litigation wherever possible.

We understand that you need matters resolved as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary disruption and stress, so we work with you to achieve this.

We pride ourselves on being different. We are not just another law firm.

in safe hands…

We keep you informed at every stage so you will never be out of the loop, we aim to respond to all emails and calls within 48 hours. You will never have to chase us for an update.

We will always tell you what your likely costs will be up front and throughout the course of your matter. We will not run up unnecessary bills. Unlike most lawyers, we aim to resolve your employment issues in the shortest possible time frame.

We deal in people not problems. We understand the legal landscape and tackle issues with tact, empathy and understanding. We know that legal disputes can be a worry, so we take the worry away. We know that they can be a disruption to your life or to your business.

We provide solutions so that you will not spend any more time than you need to dealing with the matter. You can rest assured that you are in safe hands, our service is second to none. We get the job done. And well.

With didlaw you will always know where you stand. We tell it like it is. No pretence. No fluff. Straight up.

client relationships…

The essence of our service is that our clients like us and enjoy dealing with us. We know that it is important to take time to understand your concerns and worries. We can help you deal with the stress of a difficult situation and pride ourselves on being available, approachable and easy to talk to. We will not blind you with science or talk down to you. We explain the possibilities and ensure that you are comfortable with our advice. We build relationships with our clients so that we can fully support you.

We go that extra mile, providing excellence, reassurance and first class service.

We care about what our clients think of us and the service we provide. We are very proud to consistently receive fantastic feedback. Click here to read more.

on complaints…

We don’t get complaints but we are required by the SRA and the European Directive on Alternative Dispute Resolution to tell you that you if you do, you may contact the Legal Ombudsman which is the regulator for the legal profession in England and Wales. You can view their website at www.legalombudsman.org.uk



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