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Our London HQ is in Covent Garden, within easy access of Covent Garden underground station.

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Our workplace discrimination services in central London

We offer expert advice and representation on workplace discrimination for employees all over the country from our central London offices in Covent Garden.

Disability discrimination

didlaw is the UK’s leading specialist legal practice for disability discrimination, having built a reputation for providing exceptional advocacy for people with disabilities, as well as pragmatic advice to employers on their legal responsibilities.

Our disability discrimination expertise includes:

  • Excluding disabled people from promotions
  • Policies, practices and workplace criteria that unfairly disadvantage disabled people
  • Employers failing to make reasonable adjustments for a disabled employee
  • Disability harassment
  • Disability victimisation

Mental health discrimination

Mental illness is one of the most stigmatised issues facing modern workplaces, meaning many people do not get the supportive environment they deserve to be able to fully and effectively participate in working life.

Our team can advise you on your rights and help to ensure the right measures are put in place.

We regularly help people experiencing issues including:

  • Unjustified performance management
  • Difficulties when returning to work
  • Managing workplace factors that contribute to mental health issues
  • Failure to make reasonable adjustments for someone dealing with a mental health issue

Sex, maternity & pregnancy discrimination

Sex discrimination remains one of the most pervasive issues in workplaces, creating a negative work environment and affecting people’s pay, working conditions and access to promotions. These issues are often compounded where a female employee becomes pregnant or has children.

Our discrimination lawyers can advise you on issues including:

  • Equal pay
  • Being overlooked or blocked for promotion
  • Sexual harassment
  • Being side-lined at work due to your gender
  • Being demoted or made redundant after becoming pregnant or having children
  • Employers failing to make reasonable adjustments for pregnant women & parents

Stress at work

With most people dealing with some level of stress at work, it can be hard to know when this crosses the line into an issue that an employee can potentially take legal action over.

Our solicitors have extensive specialist expertise in work-related stress claims, so can advise employees in relation to these issues, helping to achieve positive outcomes wherever possible.

Our work-related stress expertise includes issues related to:

  • Constructive dismissal
  • Disability discrimination
  • Psychiatric personal injury claims
  • Employers’ duty of care to their employees

Sexual orientation, transgender & gender reassignment

Unfortunately, discrimination in the workplace over sexual orientation and gender identity issues remains all too common. What has changed in recent years is that this behaviour is often subtler now, with the discriminatory behaviour tending not to happen in the open. This means it is not always as easy to identify where such discrimination is an issue.

Our team have many years of experience supporting employees in dealing with discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, so can help to ensure these issues are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Our expertise includes:

  • Workplace harassment and bullying of LGBTQA+ people
  • Social exclusion in the workplace
  • Exclusion from promotions and other opportunities
  • Informing your employer of your intension for transition
  • Supporting an employee who is transitioning


Employees are protected under the law when blowing the whistle, meaning they should not suffer any negative consequences at work as a result of bringing wrongdoing to light. However, in practice employers do not always stick to the law when dealing with whistleblowers, meaning unlawful discrimination is often an issue.

Our lawyers have advised whistleblowers in a wide range of circumstances, ensuring those who raise concerns about crimes and civil offences in their workplace get the protection they are entitled to.

We regularly advise clients on issues surrounding whistleblowing, including:

  • What counts as a protected disclosure
  • Detriment relating to whistleblowing
  • Discrimination at work following whistleblowing

Settlement agreements

Settlement agreements are often used by employers to resolve employment disputes without the need for an employment tribunal. They allow employees to accept a one-off payment in exchange for agreeing not to take a specific matter to a tribunal.

We can review a settlement agreement that you are offered and advise you on whether we think it represents an appropriate settlement. Where necessary, we can also negotiate with your employer to secure a more favourable settlement agreement where required.

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