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BUSINESS INSIDER UK – 29 October 2018
Workplace misconduct at Google

BBC Victoria Derbyshire – 22 August 2018
The housing charity shelter – Disability Discrimination

Radio 4 – 28 December 2017
Mental Health at Work

BBC Victoria Derbyshire
Announcing the Supreme Court decision that employment tribunal fees were unlawful

BBC Victoria Derbyshire
Short film on pregnancy and maternity discrimination

BBC Radio 4 – The World Tonight

LBC Radio
Talking about sexual harassment and the high-heeled shoe case

The Law Gazette, 27 November 2017
Sexual Harassment: You too?

People Management, 23 August 2017
See you in court – Not understanding employment law can be expensive

The Times ‘The Brief’, 20 July 2017
Rash of claims over BBC stars’ gender pay gap predicted

People Management, 20 July 2017
Four red flags for HR from the BBC pay report – ‘principle of greater transparency’ means more employers could find themselves in the firing line over top earners’ salaries

The Guardian, 19 July 2017
BBC Pay: Chris Evans tops list as stars salaries are published – live updates published

Huffpost, 8 June 2017
Invisible Disability: Blessing or Curse?

People Management, 2 June 2017
Tribunal awards £25,000 to trainer who lost job over preganancy – Ruling describes dismissal as ‘serious act of discrimination’

The Times, 1 June 2017
Employers must protect those with facial disfigurement

People Management, 16 May 2017
Tribunal win for man whose former employer provided discriminatory references – case is a reminder that giving references is fraught with danger, say legal experts.

CITY A.M., 10 May 2017
How to take down office cyber bullies -Failing to prevent discrimination damages more than reputation, says Karen Jackson

The Times ‘The Brief’, 9 May 2017
Quote of the day – “Being mentally ill is not about pulling your weight. It is about trying to keep going in spite of terrible adversity.” Karen Jackson

People Management, 8 May 2017
Tribunal win ‘shows dangers of not respecting retirement wishes’ – company accountant receives £182,000 for age discrimination after being pushed out of job.

The Law Society Gazette, 8 May 2017
Tiny steps to make our profession kinder

People Management, 4 May 2017
Applicant with Asperger’s syndrome wins ‘significant’ tribunal case.

The Huffington Post, 20 April 2017
Discrimination And Sexism Must End to Close the Gender Pay Gap

The Times ‘The Brief’, 13 April 2017
Gender pay gap law only scratches the surface of bias

Solicitors Journal, 27 March 2017
Why women leave law – A happy work-life balance does not undermine one’s ability to be a good lawyer, writes Karen Jackson.

Solicitors Journal, 21 February 2017
Breaking down barriers – Practitioners should encourage employers to think beyond typical reasonable adjustments to ensure they meet their obligations to disabled employees, urges Karen Jackson., 3 January 2017
Mental Health: the New Year resolutions employers need to make.

CITY A.M., 13 December 2016
Merry Stressmas, and an anxious New Year – Karen Jackson offers her top tips on managing employee stress at Christmas.

The Law Society Gazette, 6 December 2016
Why do we still need legal awards for women?

The Huffington Post, 10 November 2016
The City Working Culture Is a Microcosm Of Why Men Don’t Talk About Their Mental Health

The Times ‘The Brief’, 10 November 2016
Lawyer attacks male-dominated UK business

Solicitors Journal, 8 November 2016
The tide is turning in disability discrimination law – The courts’ increasingly liberal approach to article 15 claims places a greater onus on employers to provide objective justification for discrimination, says Karen Jackson

People Management, 25 October 2016
Rise in discrimination claims highlights risks from ‘invisible’ disabilities – employers should encourage disclosure of mental health issues

Financial News Career Clinic, 7 October 2016
Am I being discriminated against because of my depression?

FT Adviser, 22 September 2016
It pays to invest in mental health support

Law Society Gazette, 12 September 2016
My legal life: Karen Jackson

The Times, 8 September 2016
What will a female justice secretary bring to gender diversity in the legal profession?

HR Magazine, 6 September 2016
Supporting women on maternity leave

The Times ‘The Brief’, 1 September 2016
New mothers ‘less valuable to workplace’

The Times ‘The Brief’, 26 August 2016
Bullying epidemic threatens UK workforce’s sanity

Solicitors Journal, 16 August 2016
Knowledge is key in disability discrimination law

FT Advisor, 1 August 2016
Mental Health needs to be communicated better

April 2016
Stress Awareness Month: The Problematic Culture of the Legal Profession | Chambers Diversity 

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