We are obliged by our regulator the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to give you information on our pricing in a transparent, clear and upfront way. We must give this information specifically in relation to wrongful and unfair dismissal claims. This information is set out below.

Most of the work we do is around workplace discrimination which is our area of specialist expertise, particularly for disability. Discrimination claims can be complex and expensive to pursue but we offer a range of options to suit most budgets. We rarely deal with standalone cases for unfair or wrongful dismissal. Most claims will be more complex.

Initial estimate of costs

The way we operate is transparent throughout the time we work for you. We provide an initial estimate of costs up front in our client care letter which sets out details of what you have asked us to do for you, the initial steps we will take and a guide to cost.

Deposit to open a file

We will ask you to provide a deposit before you can open a file with us. In limited circumstances we may waive our requirement for a deposit but this is case and circumstance specific.

Keeping track of costs

We bill on a monthly so you can see the costs you are incurring as you go along. We also provide with every bill a full breakdown of time spent so that you can see how we have arrived at the fees we have charged. If you want to set a monthly limit on your spend or receive an email every time your monthly costs reach a certain limit we can provide these services for you.

Our hands-on approach

We provide a very hands-on approach to our clients and build strong relationships. If you have any concerns about costs (or any aspect of our service) at any time please do not hesitate to contact our Practice Manager Chris or our Finance Manager Michele. You can of course raise an issue at any time with the solicitor who is doing work for you.

How much will it cost?

No two cases are the same. The fees we will charge will depend on the complexity of the matter, the seniority of the solicitor working on the case and how long it takes us to achieve the outcome you seek. In some cases there may be no need for formal litigation in the Tribunal or court, many cases settle before trial. Sometimes we can recover all your legal costs from your opponent, or a contribution to those costs but you will still have to pay your costs as you go along. You cannot depend on this. If you get funds back it is a bonus.

What is included in the price?

The pricing set out here covers a number steps in litigation: preparing the claim or defence, preparing the documents needed for the court/Tribunal, listing them and exchanging them with the opponent, preparation of witness statements, and the cost of preparing final hearing.  It does not cover correspondence between you and didlaw, or between us and the opposing party. It does not cover any additional applications made during the process, for example an application for strike out or a request for further information. It also does not cover disbursements which are sums payable to third parties such as barristers to represent you at hearings in the court/tribunal. These are an extra cost and will depend on the length of the hearing, the amount of preparation and the experience of the advocate. We will offer you a range of options and will advise you up front of these costs as they arise.

Hourly rates

We charge primarily on a time spent basis. Where possible we can sometimes offer fixed fees for the stages of litigation but we will never fix our costs for the duration of the process. It’s simply too unpredictable in most cases.

Our hourly rates for services for individuals vary depending on the seniority of the lawyer or lawyers engaged, and the complexity and value of the matter. We review our hourly rates on an annual basis and update them with effect from 1 November each year.

Our hourly rates range from £250+VAT to £500+VAT.

Employment Tribunal claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal

A standalone claim for ordinary unfair or wrongful dismissal with a hearing length of between one and three days would cost in the region of £20,000 to £35,000 + VAT. The cost of a barrister for such hearings would be an additional cost of between £5,000 and £15,000 + VAT.

Employment Tribunal claims for discrimination claims

Discrimination claims are usually quite complex. They tend to take longer and require more preparation than a simple unfair or wrongful dismissal case. Costs are almost always significantly higher and for some kinds of discrimination cases more third party costs will be incurred for, for example, medical evidence in disability discrimination cases and statistical evidence in indirect discrimination and gender pay cases. We will always provide a realistic estimate before we start working for you and will update you on costs throughout the time we are working for you.


Employment Tribunal proceedings for unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal will (unless settled) last somewhere between six and fifteen months between issuing the claim and receiving the judgment.

The Employment Tribunal Service is currently beleaguered by significant delays in listing cases. It is possible that you could wait up to a year to have a hearing listed.

We will provide you with a better indication of costs once we are clear on the circumstances of your case and what we need to do to achieve the solution you are looking for. We offer every new client a free, confidential, no obligation initial phone consultation. Costs will be discussed during this call and you will be given a realistic assessment of likely costs going forward. Call us on 020 7099 7508, fill in the form on this website, use the online chat or email us at to arrange your free initial call.