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didlaw is the leading practice in the UK in disability discrimination. No other firm focuses on disability in the way we do. This is how we have built our exceptional reputation around our work.

Karen Jackson, Founder-Director of didlaw, is a recognised leader in disability discrimination and a Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer for her work on disability. The Law Society calls her an authority. In 2013 she published her book on disability. The second edition is due out in 2017.

All of the lawyers at didlaw are experienced specialists in disability and other forms of discrimination.

didlaw has an exceptional reputation not just for great technical legal skills around disability discrimination but for the truly empathetic and supportive service offered to clients.

So what is disability discrimination?

There are any number of ways an employer can discriminate against an employee who has a long-term medical condition which amounts to a disability under the Equality Act 2010 (which replaces the Disability Discrimination Act or the DDA as it is commonly known). Check out our brief guides.

Direct disability discrimination is when an employer or co-worker treats a disabled person in a less favourable way than someone who is not disabled. This might include excluding them from a promotion opportunity on the basis that they are not “up to the job”.

Indirect disability discrimination is where a policy, criterion or practice in the workplace unfairly disadvantages a disabled person.

Section 15 disability discrimination is about treating someone less favourably for a reason connected to disability: this might be about not paying a bonus when a disabled person is off sick or denying a person access to promotion.

Still the most common form of disability discrimination is failure by an employer to make the reasonable adjustments for a disabled employee that the law requires them to make.

Disability harassment and disability victimisation are other forms of disability discrimination.

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