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People with mental ill health suffer the most discrimination in our society, more than any of the other protected groups. This is largely a reflection of the stigma that still exists around mental ill health – that it is not really an illness, that it is self-inflicted, and similar prejudices and assumptions.

The level of ignorance around what causes mental ill health and how longer-term mental health conditions can be managed is astonishing. Is it any wonder then that this is a major source of conflict in the workplace?

People with PTSD, schizophrenia, bipolar depression, unipolar depression, and other mental health conditions are often treated less favourably by employers for a number of reasons:

  • Stigma and prejudice
  • the inability to predict how long an acute mental health related absence will cause the employee to be off work
  • the preconception that people with mental illness are somehow more unreliable than people with physical illness
  • the inability or unwillingness to manage a person who has been mentally ill back to work

Common causes of litigation include:

  • unmerited performance management
  • difficulties around phasing return to work
  • difficulties with managing issues at work that may have caused illness
  • deliberately not keeping in touch with employees while they are on sick leave
  • undermining the return to work of a person recovering from a mental health related illness
  • failure to make reasonable adjustments

We aim to resolve issues rather than inflame them and have an excellent track record at finding solutions before any formal legal process is required.

We treat our clients with exceptional empathy and support. This is a critical element of what we do and one which is very important to us and our clients.

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