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Sex discrimination

Sex discrimination in the workplace is a major issue and will remain so until employers adopt a zero tolerance approach to unacceptable practices and behaviours.

Examples include being overlooked for a promotion, receiving unwanted comments or attention or being side-lined because of your gender or because you are pregnant or a new mother.

We are experienced in bringing sex discrimination claims and have represented both male and female employees.  Yes, men too can claim sex discrimination!

We understand the sensitive nature of these cases. Our specialist solicitors have an enviable track record in achieving successful outcomes either by negotiating out of court settlements or in Employment Tribunals.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against on the grounds of your gender, call us.


Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination

It is all too common for employers to consider a pregnant employee to be an inconvenience.  What should be an exciting and joyous time is tainted by uncertainty from the moment a woman informs her employer of her pregnancy and throughout her maternity leave.

Upon return from maternity leave new mothers often feel sidelined or are confronted with redundancy upon their return.

We are passionate about assisting women whose career has suffered as a result of having a baby and securing maximum compensation.

If you are pregnant and about to inform your employer we can advise you on your legal rights and your employer’s obligations. Call us.

If you are pregnant or on maternity leave and experiencing discrimination or risk of redundancy in the workplace we can assist you in resolving the issue. Call us.

Just wondering if you are suffering sex, pregnancy or maternity discrimination and what your rights are? Call us. We can help.