sexual orientation, transgender & gender reassignment


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Have you been subjected to homophobic abuse by your employer, your work colleagues or customers because of your sexual orientation, because you are transgender or undergoing gender reassignment?

Have you been marginalised or side-lined or had social interaction with colleagues suddenly stop when they have discovered your sexual orientation?

Have you been bullied or harassed because you are perceived as being ‘different’ as a result of your sexuality?

Have job opportunities or promotions suddenly disappeared when your sexuality has become apparent? We can help.

Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is rarely obvious and it is unusual for someone to openly display homophobic tendencies. We look behind the scenes for evidence that someone is being treated less favourably because of their sexual orientation.

We will treat your situation discreetly and with empathy. We will support you through whatever process is necessary to resolve your situation, whether that is through a grievance, a settlement agreement or an Employment Tribunal claim.

Most employers are unlikely to be aware that an employee is transgender you make the decision to transition.  Sadly, discrimination against transgender employees is prevalent.

If you are transgender and about to inform your employer we can advise you your legal rights and your employer’s obligations. Call us.

If you are transgender and experiencing discrimination in the workplace we can assist you in resolving the issue. Call us.

Worried about your rights and issues arising because of your sexual orientation or gender status? Call us. We can help.