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Stress at work claims can be notoriously complex. We are one of very few highly reputable firms able to offer expertise in this niche area.

Most people experience work related stress at some point in their career particularly in times of economic uncertainty.  Whether due to unrealistic deadlines, unreasonable workloads or as a result of work place bullying, work related stress can become life-altering and result in psychiatric conditions such as severe depression and anxiety.  It can affect anyone and can be devastating.

Potential claims relating to work related stress include constructive dismissal, disability discrimination and psychiatric personal injury.

  • A personal injury claim arises from the duty of care that employers have to their employees
  • You must have suffered a recognised psychiatric illness, such as clinical depression
  • you need to be able to show that your employer could reasonably foreseeable that you would develop a mental illness to succeed in this type of claim
  • An employer is usually entitled to assume that an employee can withstand the normal pressures of the job
  • Most people try to conceal the fact that they are struggling with their work for fear of reprisals such as dismissal. This can harm your case
  • You should not suffer in silence. It is imperative that if you are in such a situation that you speak out otherwise you are unlikely to be successful in a claim.

If you believe that you have developed a long-term serious psychiatric condition as a result of work-related stress, contact us for a free initial discussion.

We can identify how we can help you and decide whether your case is better suited to the Employment Tribunal, County Court or the High Court. We can advise you of likely outcomes, risks and costs.

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