the team.

We are specialist employment & discrimination lawyers.

Our team includes recognised leaders in the field.

We all share a common aim: to provide the highest quality legal advice & representation in a supportive but straight-talking way.

didlaw team - Karen

Karen Jackson

Managing Director & Solicitor

didlaw team - Elizabeth

Elizabeth George

Legal Director & Barrister

didlaw team - Anita

Anita Vadgama

Senior Solicitor

didlaw team - Tess

Tess Barrett


Emma Pitfield


didlaw team - Matthew

Matthew Fletcher


didlaw team - Joanne

Joanne Sinclair

Trainee Solicitor

Joanne Freeman


didlaw team - Chris

Chris Jackson

Finance Director

didlaw team - Michele

Michele Crisp

Accounts Manager

a brief history of the firm.

didlaw was founded in 2008 by Karen Jackson. After successful heart transplantation at Papworth Hospital, Karen was determined to do something meaningful with the extra time she had been given. Her idea was to set up her own law firm. And so didlaw was born.

Not just another law firm, the emphasis at didlaw has always been about providing an exceptional level of client service. That meant clear and practical advice, explained in plain English. It meant going the extra mile for the clients to find the right solution.

Focusing on helping people who were having difficulties around health and disability at work, didlaw’s reputation as true experts in this area, quickly grew. By 2018, Karen was widely recognised as the UK’s leading disability discrimination lawyer.

In 2019 didlaw began a new chapter in its story. Karen joined forces with employment barrister, Elizabeth George, to embark on the next ambitious phase of the firm’s journey.

The two women expanded the firm’s offering to provide the same level of expertise but across all areas of employment and discrimination law. They devised an innovative pricing model, charging clients by the job, wherever possible, so that clients know in advance exactly what they will have to pay. And they committed to making didlaw a values-driven firm in everything that it does. You can read more about the values that drive them here.

join us.

Do you remember why you went to law school?

Was it so that you could become a fat-cat lawyer, obsess about billable hours and be stressed to within an inch of your life 24/7? No, it was because you were passionate about doing good in the world and you believed you had a part to play in making the world better.

Our mission at didlaw is to make the world of work a better place.  Good lawyers can do that for people.  Law is a stressful job. But it is also supposed to be rewarding and meaningful. Intellectually nothing quite comes close. At didlaw we change the world one client at a time with the way we engage with our clients and help solve their work issues. We also provide a flexible and free working environment with cloud-based solutions to enable our people to work anywhere.  We are looking for confident, capable and creative lawyers who want to make a difference.

CVs to No agencies please. Initial interviews will be by phone when we can tell you more about our firm and what we are offering. Follow up interviews will take place with our team. We need to hire ASAP but will wait for the right candidates to serve out their notice. No deadline for CVs but if you’re interested we’d love to hear from you as soon as possible.